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Stabila LAX 300G Line and Dot Laser
Price: $400.00
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Item #: LAX300G -

    The brightest, fastest way to plumb and level for applications up to 30 meters. The Stabila LAX 300G is the ideal partner for interior construction professionals who need accurate laser lines with optimum visibility. The innovative STABILA GREENBEAM technology provides razor-sharp, extremely bright, long laser lines to make your work even more efficient and productive. You can perform plumb-line and levelling work on the floor, wall and ceiling at the same time – making the laser a true...

    Max-V Roofers Fall Protection Kit
    Price: $130.21
    Availability: Stock
    Item #: 3200 -

    Maximum in Economy and Value The Super Anchor Max-V Kit is supplied with all the components needed for a complete Personal Fall Arrest System. This system was conceived by Super Anchor Safety to be the absolute best fall protection kit for an economic price. This kits meets the requirements for many trades including both roofers and framers. The MAX-V kit is composed of super heavy duty products designed to meet OSHA compliance requirements quickly and efficiently. Many of the components are...

    CLC 21453 Heavy Duty Elite Series Leather Tool Bag Set
    Price: $294.30
    Availability: Stock
    Item #: 21453 -

      The CLC Work Gear #21453 18 Pocket Elite Series Heavy Duty Leather Combo Nail Bag Set features top grain leather with a double-tongue roller buckle belt, easy-carry pouches, and 18 pockets and sleeves for your favorite nails and tools. Crafted from premium heavy duty top grain leather. Patented easy carry handle design for easy adjustments, easy storage and the ideal way to carry apron without spilling contents. 3" wide, heavy duty leather belt with double tongue roller buckle. 6 main reversed...

      Danair AH15-SS Super Soft Auto Hammer - Red Tip
      Price: $255.95
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      Item #: AH-15SS -

      This Danair AH-15SS Auto Hammer comes with a Super Soft Red Tip installed in the tool. The Danair AH -15 Pneumatic Automatic Hammers® offer the Manufacturing, Fabricating and Assembly Industry a replacement to cumbersome hammers and mallets. The hammer mechanism starts with light pressure and stops immediately when the auto hammer is lifted from the surface. All Danair AH-15 Auto Hammer® have interchangeable hammer tips to handle soft woods and plastics to hard metals like steels....

      Makita KP0800K Planer Kit
      Price: $186.07
      Availability: Telephone Orders Only
      Item #: KP0800K -

        The Makita KP0800K 3-1/4" Planer weighs only 5.7 lbs. Equipped with a 6.5 AMP motor it delivers a high power-to-weight ratio in less time and less fatigue. Kit includes: (1) 3-1/4" Planer Blade Set, Double Edged Tungsten-Carbide (D-46246), (1) Blade Gauge (123062-2), (1) Socket Wrench (782209-3), (1) Guide Rule (165581-2) and (1) Tool Case (824892-1) High Power-to-Weight Ratio; Weighs Only 5.7 lbs. 6.5 AMP motor delivers more output power for increased stock removal and superior finishes...

        Metabo-HPT DH26PF 1" SDS Plus Rotary Hammer
        Price: $187.43
        Availability: Telephone Orders Only
        Item #: DH26PF -

        Metabo-HPT Power Tools DH26PF 1" Capacity SDS Plus Rotary Hammer is the ideal tool for drilling holes for anchors as well as small chipping jobs. The DH26PF delivers higher durability than previous models, and also achieves faster drilling speed to improve efficiency on the jobsite. Now with a 1" bit diameter capacity you can drill larger holes than previous models. Includes: Depth Gauge (310331), Side Handle (325273) and Case (370155) Features Increased Durability: Achieved by incorporating...

        Metabo=HPT NH90AB 3-1/2" Palm Nailer
        Price: $59.95
        Availability: Stock
        Item #: NH90AB -

          The Metabo-HPT NH90AB Palm Nailer has plenty of power to sink full 16d common nails while being small enough to easily install Simpson strong-Tie hardware in tight places. The molded rubber grip reduces vibration to the hand and arm making the NH90AB comfortable to use for both small and large projects. Magnetic nose holds a fastener in place for safe and accurate fastener placement Front exhaust directs the air away from the user Over-molded rubber grip for added comfort, better hold and...

          Metabo-HPT NR83A5 Framing Nailer, Full Head, with Depth Adjustment
          Price: $347.92
          Availability: Telephone Orders Only
          Item #: NR83A5 -

          The Metabo-HPT NR83A5 Full Round Head Framing Nailer with Depth Adjustment is used for floor and wall framing, truss build-up, window build-up, construction of subflooring and roof decking, wall sheathing and mobile home and modular home construction. The NR83A5 is like the original NR83A that you have come to trust, but now with an improved trigger design and sharing all the same internal parts as the original NR83A .The NR83A5 relies on the same cylinder valve drive system as the NR83A,...

          Metabo-HPT N3804AB3 L-Series Stapler
          Price: $124.67
          Availability: Telephone Orders Only
          Item #: N3804AB3 -

          The Metabo-HPT N3804AB3 Narrow Crown Stapler was redesigned to meet even more end user needs. This 1-1/2 inch stapler features a convenient selective actuation switch, tool free depth of drive, and a series of finishing touches that make it ready to use right out of the box. With Hitachi's industry leading 5-year warranty and a competitive price, it is the ideal stapler for internal and external trim, furniture, cabinet work and other finish applications. 2.3 lbs, lightweight and well-balanced...

          Metabo-HPT NV65AH2 Coil Siding and Fence Nailer
          Price: $457.13
          Availability: Telephone Orders Only
          Item #: NV65AH2 -

          The Metabo-HPT NV65AH2 Coil Siding and Fencing Nailer, "Another very light nailer, the NV65AH2 is a well-engineered tool. It's packed with great features like a tool-less depth adjustment and a 360-degree exhaust diverter. It will feed either wire- or plastic-collated nails. It also ships with a non-marring tip. Our experience with Hitachi nailers leads us to believe that this is one of the most dependable tools we tested. (Davis, "Tool Test: Siding Nailers: Side Winders"; Tools of the Trade...

          Metabo-HPT NR3675DD Cordless Duplex Nailer
          Price: $599.99
          Availability: Telephone Orders Only
          Item #: NR3675DD -

          For years contractors have been asking "If they can have a nailer for pretty much every other jobsite nailing requirement, why not a duplex nail?". Finally the The Metabo-HPT NR3675DD Cordless Duplex Nailer is here to answer that question. This revolutionary tool changes concrete forming on the jobsite as it allows for a massive productivity boost vs. hand driving Duplex nails. Saving valueable time means saving money! Move quickly while building concrete forms and scaffolding with the...

          CLC 54531 Heavy Duty Elite Series Ballistic Nylon Tool Bag Set
          Price: $263.79
          Availability: Stock
          Item #: 54531 -

            The CLC Work Gear #54531 17-Pocket Elite Series Ballistic Nylon Combo Nail Bag Set is crafted from super tough, double layer 1680D Ballistic Nylon fabric and heavy duty top grain leather making them very lightweight yet durable. Patented easy carry handle design for easy adjustments, easy storage and the ideal way to carry apron without spilling contents. Patented gusset design front pockets for easy access to nails and fasteners. Crafted from super tough, double layer 1680D Ballistic Nylon...