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The Fastap™ Plus Duracoat Exterior Screws
Fastap™ started the coated exterior screw category over 30 years ago with their patented easy driving features and their original industry first Duracoat™ exterior coating. The Fastap® Plus Duracoat Exterior Screws coating is fully compatible with and is the best-by-test coating for the newly mandated ACQ, CCA and CA-C preservative wood treatments as well as cedar and redwood. Fastap Plus™ exterior grade carpentry screws with DuracoatXT™ and Power Point v3™ were developed specifically for any outdoor projects that need to resist being damaged by destructive weather conditions . Additionally, the Power Point v3™ point makes it easy to penetrate various types of materials with less possibility of spinout. Stocked with phillips drive and square drive heads as a special order.