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Simpson Strong-Drive® SDWS Framing Screws
The Simpson Strong-Drive® SDWS Framing Screws are designed and load-rated for replacing 16d, 10d and 8d nails in multiple types of framing applications. The SDWS Framing screw is 0.160" in diameter and superior to nails in holding power and pull-out resistance. It is code listed under IAPMO UES ER-192 and meets 2012 and 2015 IRC® and IBC® code requirements for several common wood framing and engineered-wood applications. The screw has a SawTooth™ point that makes for fast installations with reduced torque without predrilling, and its specially designed head countersinks easily to provide a clean, flush finish. The T-25 bit holds the 6-lobe recess tightly, reducing cam-out and head stripping.