CLC 313 HD Leather Kneepads
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CLC Work Wear Item #: 313 -

    The CLC 313 Heavy-Duty Extra Padding Leather Kneepads are professional grade, top grain leather kneepads that have double-thick felt padding for added comfort, and have been a traditional style kneepad for millions of workers. The adjustable leather straps with steel buckles allows you to quickly put the kneepads on and take them off. The double thickness felt lining provides you all-day comfort no matter what project you are involved in. Applications include Carpet Installers, Masons and...

    Kraft Tool CC151 Stainless Steel Kneeboards (Pair)
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    Kraft Tool Company Item #: CC151 -

      The Kraft Tool CC151 28" x 8" Deluxe Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Knee Boards are lightweight knee boards made of #16 gauge stainless steel. Each slider features an adjustable kneepad to provide comfort on your knees as you move around the cement. The heavy duty construction of these knee boards assures you they will provide you years of durability under constant use. The contoured sliders prevent digging into the concrete. Polished stainless steel reduces the risk of corrosive problems....

      Marshalltown KB230 Stainless Steel Kneeboards (Pair)
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      Marshalltown Item #: KB230 -

        The Marshalltown KB230 Kneeboards are professional quality kneeboards that are made of a fine quality stainless steel for long wearability. This cuts down the time of finishing and makes it easy to finish large concrete slabs. Knee pads are replaceable as a special order item. Built-in toe brackets for easy back and forth motion Made of 18 gauge stainless steel Replaceable knee pads come with straps and buckle; sold by the pair Durable and easy to use Explanation of "Stock" Availability Term...

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