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DHC Supplies realizes our success must be based on representing manufacturers and brands that provide both quality products and outstanding service. Over the years we have added and eliminated various suppliers and brands from our catalog of construction products. Below you will find many of the outstanding brands we currently represent in our online store. If you cannot find the product you require please do not hesitate to contact us. We have no problem special ordering products for customers and having them drop shipped when that option is available.
3M Logo
Albion Engineering Logo
American Wire Tie Logo
Ansell Gloves Logo
Atlas Therma Fit Gloves Logo
Backer Rod Mfg Logo
Bakuma Nail Puller Logo
BASF Master Seal Logo
Bay Standard Mfg Logo
Benner Nawman Logo
Big Foot Tools Logo
Blackline Waterproof Chalk Logo
Bosch Tools Logo
Brickform Logo
CH Hanson Logo
Calculated Industries Logo
CEP Construction Electrical Products Logo
Channellock Logo
Chapin Sprayers Logo
CLC Work Wear Logo
Coilhose Logo
Cox Caulking Guns Logo
Continental Western Corporation Logo
Danair Manufacturing Logo
Dayton Superior Logo
Freud Diablo Tool Logo
Diamond Products Logo
Dixon Lumber Crayons Logo
Driltec Logo
Dude Tools Logo
Edge Eyewear Logo
Exchange-A-Blade Logo
FastFoot Logo
Famco Logo
Fastap Logo
Fasten Master Logo
Fortifiber Logo
Gorilla Glue Logo
Grace Logo
GRK Fastener Logo
GST Logo
Henry Logo
Hitachi Power Tools Logo
Hy-Tek Logo
ICP Fomo Logo
Irwin Logo
Kraft Tool Logo
Krylon Paints Logo
Lenox Saw Logo
LiftAll Logo
Mag Bit Logo
Magnolia Brush Logo
Makita Logo
Marion Brush Logo
Marshalltown Logo
Mirka Logo
Mutual Industries  Logo
Newborn Bros Logo
Oliver Machine Products Logo
Occidental Leather Logo
Oztec Concrete Vibrators Logo
PLS Pacific Laser Systems Logo
Pactool Logo
Pilot Pen Logo
Precision Parts Logo
Protecto Wrap Logo
Quick Build Logo
QuikDrive Logo
Radians Industrial Safety Logo
Rapid Care Logo
Rapid Stapler and Staples Logo
Rasner Vent Logo
Rayovac Logo
Riviera Brush Logo
Rolair Logo
Roseburrough Tools Logo
Safety Maker Logo
Senco Logo
Simpson Strong-Tie Logo
Skil Logo
Stanley Tools Logo
Surface Shields Logo
Swanson Tools Logo
Tajima Logo
Tool Hangers Unlimited Logo
Titebond Logo
Treds Overboot Logo
Tuff Toe Logo
Vulcan Vents Logo
Xypex Logo
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