Senco PC0101 Pneumatic Oil
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    Senco PC0101 lubricant has been specifically formulated to protect the o-rings in pneumatic nail guns and staplers. Proper lubrication will keep your tool working throughout the project. The small pint size container of the PC0101 makes it easy to keep close in your nail bag. Premium grade oils formulated with high quality parrafin distillate stocks Contains carefully balanced rust and oxidation inhibitor with an effective antifoamant Senco Oil MSDS Explanation of "Stock" Availability Term...

    Rol-Air OILSYN34 Synthetic Air Compressor Oil
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      Designed Specifically For Extreme Weather Conditions! Rol-Air synthetic oil provides easier starting in extreme weather conditions and is compatible with other mineral oils. Recommended change interval is 3,000 to 4,000 hours. This Rol-Air synthetic air compressor lubricant has been especially engineered and tested to match the requirements of Rol-Air air compressors but can be used in other brands as well. Reduces carbon build-up on compressor valves Provides easier start up in low...

      Lubricants For Pneumatic Tools and Air Compressors