OCM RC-MUSH Mushroom Style Rebar Protection Caps
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    OCM #3 - #8 Mushroom Rebar Protection Caps provide scratch protection when working around in-place rebar. They only help protect workers against minor injuries caused by exposed rebar or pipes. Very Important: These caps do not provide impalement protection. You must use OSHA Rebar Safety Caps to meet impalement protection requirements. Please check you local codes for further information.

    Grip Rite OSHA Square Rebar Caps - Orange
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      Grip Rite CAPOSHAEAR Orange OSHA Rebar Caps are made to provide limited protection against impalement injuries on the jobsites with exposed rebar. 4" square top Meets OSHA requirement 344.90 CAL OSHA approval #C1718AG Fits #3 to #11 rebar

      Rebar Scratch and Impalement Protection Caps