Dupont Tyvek Tape
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    Waterproof Seam Tape for Maximum Reduction of Air and Water Infiltration DuPont™ Tyvek® Tape is a must have seam tape to finish the building envelope with a superior seal. It helps to create a continuous building envelope system which keeps water and air out. Benefits can include not only better building durability but improved energy efficiency through reduced air leakage. Tyvek® Tape is strong, easy to use, and highly waterproof. It is constructed of an oriented polypropylene...

    Tex-Trude X-Treme Vapor Barrier Tape
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    Item #: INV-10-X-TREME -

      Tex-Trude X-TREME Vapor Barrier Tape comes in a 4" x 180' roll that is composed of a 7.5 mil thick strong self-adhering rubber based adhesive that has a high tack for a secure bond and is designed to seal the seams of the X-TREME Vapor Barrier Systems as well as other brands. It is also used to seal penetrations coming through the slab, small repairs, and patch areas. Thickness (in): 7.5 mil Width (in): 4" Color: Red Permeance: .112 Tensile Strength: 25 lbs/in Elongation: 85% Adhesion:...

      GreenGuard Seam Tape
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      Item #: RDTAPE -

        For Use to Seal Seams on Building Wrap and Insulation Kingspan GreenGuard® Seam Tape is self–adhering tape comprising a polyolefin film with an acrylic adhesive. Kingspan GreenGuard Seam Tape adds an extra layer of airand moisture protection to structures. 2-7/8” wide Kingspan GreenGuard Custom Seam Tape is recommended for uneven surfaces, such as Kingspan GreenGuard RainDrop 3D Building Wrap and is ideal when you need extra adhesion. Kingspan GreenGuard Seam Tape sticks tight in all...

        Nashua 2280 Multi-Purpose Duct Tape
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        Nashua Tape Products Item #: 2280 -

          The Nashua 2280 Multi-Purpose Duct Tape is a polyethylene coated cloth backing tape with a natural rubber adhesive. The high-tack adhesive bonds well to a wide variety of smooth and rough surfaces. The Nashua 2280 flexible PE backing conforms well to irregular surfaces and shapes while the smooth, consistent unwind provides for ease of use in manual applications. The easy-tear cloth provides clean, consistent tear by hand so you can be more productive in getting the job done. The Nashua 2280...

          Surface Shields Builder Board Seam Tape
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          Surface Shields Item #: BBTAPE -

            Surface Shields BLD072 Builder Board Seam Tape is the perfect tape to compliment Builder Board with Liquid Shield Technology as well as other types of floor protect. This Seam Tape has an aggressive, high tack adhesive that can seam Builder Board together for months. It's strong, flexible and lays flat. Like Builder Board this tape resists liquid penetration creating a complete system to protect the floor. DO NOT USE directly on concrete. Available Colors: Natural Recyclable: No Reusable: No...

            Henry Sheathing Tape
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            Henry® Company Item #: HE017ST331 -

              Henry Sheathing and Commercial Tape was specifically designed to work with all of Henry's weather-resistive barriers including FortiSeal® Through-Wall Flashing Boots. By using Henry Sheathing Tape you are able to take advantage of the air barrier properties of these building wraps while increasing their ability to protect against moisture intrusion. The Henry Sheathing Tape maintains its adhesion even down to 10°F so it can be applied in almost any conditions. 1-7/8" x 55 Yards...

              Polyken 757 Red Poly Tape
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              Item #: 757 -

                The Polyken® 757 1-7/8" x 60 yds. Red Multi-Purpose Polyethylene/PE Film Tape can be used in multiple applications such as construction, convention, abatement and more. Features Conformable and flexible Excellent durability and solvent resistance Hand tearable with excellent adhesion High tack for a secure bond Repositionable and clean removal from many surfaces Applications Hang and Patch Poly Sheeting Surface Protection Seal Waste Disposal Bags Labeling and color coding Short-term...

                Adhesive Tapes For Weatherproofing, Sheathing and More