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Simpson Strong-Tie Avant Style Outdoor Accents Connectors
Simpson Strong-Tie's Avant Style Outdoor Accents® Hardware is part of new line of decorative wood connectors and fasteners that can now bring both design elegance and structural strength to your outdoor living areas. Whether you are building a gazebo, patio cover, pergolas or any other type of outdoor covering Outdoor Avant Accents® can give it that finished look you can enjoy for years. The Avant Collection™ is their latest full line of decorative wood connectors and fasteners. Featuring straight edges and chamfered corners, this collection offers a clean, timeless design that complements nearly every architectural style. This hardware accommodates 4x and 6x lumber sizes, providing the flexibility you need when designing and building custom outdoor structures. The unique fastening system allows you to achieve a decorative bolt look with the ease of installing a screw.