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OCM TBFB-BF Turnbuckle Form Aligner with Bent Plate - New

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    OCM TBFB-BF Turnbuckle Form Aligner with Bent Plate are designed to accurately position and plumb vertical forms and framed walls.

    The turnbuckle section of the aligner features a 1" diameter self-cleaning coil thread for fast adjustments. Overall length of the aligner is 35" minimum and 39" maximum, offering 4" of effective adjustment. The OCM TBFB-BF Turnbuckle Form Aligner has a bent nailing plate equipped with nail holes for nailing to forms and a 15/16" hole to accept 3/4" or 7/8" round steel stakes when using the bracket from the ground up. The TBFB-BF Aligner can be used repeatedly when cleaned of any concrete after use. The safe working load of the aligners is limited by the lumber, nailing and/or staking methods.

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