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Danair AH-15ST Auto Hammer - Steel Tip

Danair AH-15ST Auto Hammer - Steel Tip

Part Number: AH-15ST
UPC: 722590215014
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This Danair AH-15ST Auto Hammer comes with a Steel Tip installed in the tool. The Danair AH -15 Pneumatic Automatic Hammers® offer the Manufacturing, Fabricating and Assembly Industry a replacement to cumbersome hammers and mallets. The hammer mechanism starts with light pressure and stops immediately when the auto hammer is lifted from the surface. All Danair AH-15 Auto Hammer® have interchangeable hammer tips to handle soft woods and plastics to hard metals like steels.

  • Performance: The Danair Auto-Hammer® has no trigger. Hammering action begins with a light pressure on the working surface and stops when lifted away. The Auto-Hammer® will deliver over 1000 BLOWS PER MINUTE!
  • Quality: Since 1967 Danair Products have been made in the U. S. with only the finest materials. Anytime during the LIFETIME of the tool a failure occurs because of workmanship or defective materials DANAIR will repair or replace that tool.
  • Product Improvements: - A new casting process has added strength to the AH body and cap. This new process combined with heat treated powder coat finish produces the highest grade of durability.
  • Flexibility: All Danair AH-15 Auto Hammer® have interchangeable hammer tips to handle soft woods and plastics to hard metals like steels. The tips can be replaced in 5 minutes or less with an allen wrench.
  • Weight: Each Danair Auto-Hammer is easily held in the palm of the hand and weighs only 2.5 lbs.
  • Operating Pressure: 50-125 PSI
  • Air Consumption: 2-4CFM
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs
  • Over 1,000 blows per minute

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