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Established 1961...Employee-Owned Since 1991!

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Thank you for visiting the DHC Supplies website. 2016 will be our 25th anniversary of becoming an employee-owned company. Additionally we will be celebrating our 55th year since our founder, Donald J. Hoban, started a small company focusing on supplying the building trades of Northern California and Nevada. In this age of building product distributors either merging or just going out of business we are very proud of the fact we have maintained a consistent presence in our industry for so many years.

The secret of our success is really no secret. As employee-owners we recognize that we cannot stay in business unless we treat our customer exactly how we want to be treated when we personally trade with other businesses. That includes friendly, knowledgable people that care about taking care of our customers needs and requirements.

Whether you are just looking for information or needing specific products or tools you can be confident the DHC Supplies employee-owners will be there to make sure you get the correct items at a competitive price. Additionally, we understand that many times our customers are working under an extreme sense of urgency. If we don't have the product you need in most cases we can have it in our store or on your door step in one to two days. Just give us a call at 800-323-2999 and let us show you why we say "Commitment Is Our Difference!"

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Overall Store Rating:

SuperCompany - by elchamp61@yahoo.com

Excellence, superb, outstanding, for customer service, fast delivery, and great price for quality products. 02/12/2016
Great transaction - by Rick

You guys had the best price on the net (by far) and shipping was real quick. What more could you ask for? Big thumbs up! 02/12/2016
Manager - by Eric

I have ordered with DHC 3 times in the last few months. I have been 100% satisfied with my purchases. The sales staff is always very friendly and helpful. My orders ship very quickly. I highly recommend DHC Supplies!
- by Rick Mitchell

I'm very happy with my recent transaction. Very good prices on my saw blades, and super fast service. 02/04/16
Artisan - by Richard

Was pleased with the items I purchased. Delivery was as stated. Thanks for everything. 2/2/2016
Product delivery - by Tom

I have ordered several items of the last year from this company for my business and they're shipping has been fantastic. Excellent job. 2/2/2016
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