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Swanson S0101 Original Speed® Square
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    5 Tools in One! One-Number Method Try Square, Miter Square, Protractor, Line Scriber and Saw Guide The ever popular Swanson S0101 Speed Square incorporates features of the framing square, try square, miter square and protractor. It makes an ideal saw guide, an essential tool for the professional builder and handyman. It features a die cast aluminum alloy, "anti-glare" finish, black filled markings. Includes book of rafter lengths and roof construction. 7" x 7" x 1" size. 1/4" spaced notches to...

    Swanson S0107 "Big 12" Speed Square
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      7 Tools in One! (1) Try Square, (2) Miter Square, (3) Saw Guide, (4) Laser Guide, (5) Protractor, (6) Out of Square Corners, (7) Line Scriber The Swanson Big 12® is seven tools in one: a framing square, try square, miter square, protractor, saw guide, stair gauge and out-of-square corner angle finder. It’s constructed of heavy-gauge aluminum alloy and includes the Layout Bar for use in determining out-of-square corners. Also included are the Swanson® Blue Book for roof and stairway layout...