Price: $27.53
    The 18000G repair kit can be used to repair most NR83A series nail guns when there are air leak issues. Some parts in the kit are genuine hitachi parts. The O-rings and gaskets are generic parts.

      Kit Includes:
    • (1) 877-325 Gasket (B)
    • (2) 877-368 O-Ring
    • (3) 877-316 O-Ring
    • (1) 877-312 O-Ring
    • (1) 877-313 O-Ring
    • (1) 877-314 O-Ring
    • (1) 877-317 Cylinder Ring
    • (1) 877-327 Gasket (G)
    • (1) 877-315 O-Ring
    • (1) 877-334 Gasket (A)
    • (1) 877-436 O-Ring
    • (3) 875-638 O-Ring
    • (1) 875-645 Urethane Ball

    Download and print the NR83A, NR83A2 or NR83A3 Parts Breakdown to view the parts you may require.

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