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    The Mag-Bit 701.1016 5/8" x 7-7/8" Single Spur Short Wood Auger Bit has an opposite cutting lip for clean entrance and exit holes and a self-feed screw point for fast, effortless boring. The shorter length of the Mag-Bit 701 series allows you to get into tighter spaces like between wall studs.

    Single Spur Auger Bits: The heads of these bits are very different from Ship Head Auger Bits. As the name implies, they have a spur that protrudes from the outer diameter of the head. This is designed to scribe the outer edge of the hole as it is being cut, reducing splinters and blow outs. For best results the bit should not be forced into the work piece.
    Only One Cutter: the spur is placed opposite the cutter to allow it to engage the work piece before the cutter, ensuring a clean entrance hole. Many of the competitive bit do not place the spur in this optimum position. If the spur follows the cutter it is of no value. These bits are manufactured with a solid center for greater strength.

    • Black Oxide Flutes
    • Quick Change Shank
    • Self-feeding screw point
    • Spur for Clean Boring
    • Packed in a reusable storage tube
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