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PLS laser tools were developed to give contractors the ability to transfer critical layout reference lines and points for any job site task. All PLS laser tools are self-leveling, compact and durable laser alignment tools. Every contractor has basic alignment tasks to perform on the job site. No project can be completed without layout of the work, installation of material and quality control. Each of these functions is accomplished by determining plumb, level and square reference. PLS lasers provide bright, crisp reference points and lines, for quick and accurate layout.
PLS3 3-Point Leveling and Plumb Laser System
Price: $244.60
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Item #: PLS3TOOL -

PLUMB AND LEVEL POINT-TO-POINT ALIGNMENT The Pacific Laser System's PLS3 Plumb and Level Point-to-Point Alignment Tool allows you to lay out reference points faster than traditional, labor intensive construction levels. Whether you are a framer, plumber, electrician or other tradesman the PLS3 will reduce layout time for walls, fixtures, pipe, conduit, door and window frames, and more. The PLS3 not only saves you time, it saves you money with speed and accuracy. With the PLS3 Tool you will now...

PLS4 Line Laser and Plumb Bob Combination Tool
Price: $379.00
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Item #: PLS4TOOL -

Horizontal and Vertical Layout with Ability to Plumb Up and Down The Pacific Laser Systems PLS4 Tool gives you the ability to check both horizontal and vertical layouts so that you know they are accurate before installation. With the PLS4 up and down dots you can also use this tool to perform the function of a plumb bob. Whether you are installing acoustical ceilings, wallpaper, drywall, doors and windows, tile, electrical, HVAC and more the PLS4 can help you obtain a layout that you can be...

PLS5 5-Point Plumb. Level & Square Laser Tool
Price: $396.50
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Plumb, Level and Square Point-to-Point Alignment The Pacific Laser Systems PLS5 5-Point Plumb, Level & Square Laser Tool allows you to lay out reference points faster than traditional, labor intensive construction levels. No more swinging plumb bobs. With the PLS5 you will be able to plumb instantly from floor to ceiling or from 50 feet off the ground! The PLS5 is self-leveling so you won't have to worry about adjusting bubble vials. You will be able to take clear, stable reference points...

PLS HVR 505R Red Beam Mid Range Rotary Laser Kit
Price: $799.95
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Item #: HVR505R -

The PLS HVR 505R Red Beam Mid Range Rotary Laser designed and priced for the light commercial, residential, and remodeling who doesn't require a high end level for their projects. The PLS HVR 505R can be used in both horizontal and vertical applications making it very versatile. For short and mid range interior and exterior layout you can be sure your readings are accurate with an accuracy of +/-1/8 inch at 100 feet. If you have some distance to have to cover this unit features a radius range...

PLS HR1000 Horizontal Rotary Laser Kit
Price: $695.00
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Item #: HR1000KIT -

The PLS HR1000 Horizontal Only Self Leveling Rotary Laser is an economical system when you don't need all the extras that come with more feature-filled units. It is an ideal unit for concrete foundation work to make sure everything is properly leveled. Since the HR1000 is self leveling you can get to work with a minimum of setup time. Includes: PLS HR 1000, 5/8-11 Tripod, 16 Foot Grade Rod, Rechargeable Battery Pack, Carrying Case, Charger, PLS HVD 505 R Detector and Operating Manual. Working...