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The driving force behind SKIL has always been innovation, going back to the Model E circular saw. Introduced in 1924, The Model E was the first portable circular saw, pioneering the use of a worm drive and a die-cast aluminum motor housing. Its successor, the Skilsaw® Model 77 became the bench-mark of portable circular saws. And seven decades later can still be found on virtually every construction site in America.
Skilsaw SPT 70 V-11 16-5/16" Beam Saw
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The new Skilsaw Sawsquatch™ 16-5/16" Magnesium Worm Drive Beam Saw is the answer to easily cutting 6x beams with one pass. With a cutting capacity of 6-1/4" at 90 degrees you can even cut up 4 2x studs with one pass. The magnesium, die-cast foot plate guarantees true, square cuts every time. With lightweight, durable magnesium construction, brass worm drive gearing, and our 15 AMP Dual-Field™ motor, everything about this saw is built to be relentless. The included 16-5/16 In. SKILSAW...

Skilsaw SPT 70 WM-22 10-1/4" Beam Saw
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The new Skilsaw Sawsquatch 10-1/4" Magnesium Beam Saw is the answer to cutting 4x beams with one pass. Precision and balance are crafted into the design, so you'll knock out big cuts quickly and cleanly time after time. With magnesium construction, brass Worm Drive gearing and our Dual-Field™ motor designed specifically for cutting, this saw is built to be relentless. Includes the time tested D1040W Diablo® carbide blade and a multi-function wrench stored in the foot. A...

Skil 1619X01350 (3610352080) Foot Assy for Model 77 & SHD77
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    The Skil 1619X01350 (2610352080) table fits Skil SHD77 saws as well as other models.