American Wire Tie

Spring Loaded Automatic Bar Tie Twister
Price: $26.00
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Item #: TW-SPRING -

    Four Twists per Pull Insure a Fast and Snug Tie! The American Wire Tie Spring Loaded Auto Bar Tie Twister is a quick way to manually use bar ties when tying rebar together. The automatic twister tool lets you tie 4", 6", or 8" Bar Ties with minimum effort. As you pull the twister the hook turns to twist the wire until tightened. The indentations on the handle makes chances of slipping much less. This bar tie twister is designed to hold up in rough construction usage and will save you hours of...

    Manual Wood Handle Bar Tying Tool
    Price: $4.20
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    Item #: TW-WOOD -

      The Original Bar Tying Tool Features Speed and Ease of Use at an Economic Price! This economically priced bar tie twister works by hooking both loops of a bar tie and then twisting the tool until the bar ties are snug.

      American Wire Tie Metal Tie Wire Reel
      Price: $23.33
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      Item #: REELALUM -

        The American Wire Tie Metal Tie Wire Reel is designed to hold wire coils with square centers which allow fast, easy dispensing of tie wire from the worker's belt. Made of a lightweight aluminum alloy for strength and long life this reel provides a quick, convenient wire feed.