Zinc Plated USS Flat Washer
Price: $0.08
Availability: Stock
Item #: WP38 -

    3/8" USS Zinc Plated Flat Washers are used to prevent the bolt head and/or hex nut from embedding into the wood surface during tightening. Zinc Plating provides minimum corrosion resistance and should not be used with ACQ lumber. Bolt Size: 3/8" Inside Diameter: 7/16" Outside Diameter: 1-1/4"

    Simpson Strong-Tie Titen Turbo Install Kit
    Price: $23.27
    Availability: Ships Direct
    Simpson Strong-Tie Item #: TNTINSTALLKIT -

      The Simpson Strong-Tie® Titen Turbo™ installation kit makes installation of these concrete and masonry screw anchors quick and easy. Accessories are compatible with standard quick-release or three-jaw style chucks. The sockets have been designed to prevent over-torquing, which can lead to fastener failure. The kit comes with a convenient zipper-close canvas bag for easy storage of installation-kit parts and Titen Turbo screw anchors. 6-Piece Kit Includes: 6-lobe bit socket T25 and...

      Zinc Plated Hex Nut
      Price: $0.13
      Availability: Stock
      Item #: NP12 -

        1/2" - 13 Zinc Plated Hex Nuts for either 1/2" machine bolts or all thread rod. Uses 3/4" socket to install. Important: These zinc plated hex nuts will NOT work with Hot Dipped Galvanized bolts or threaded rod.

        Hot Dipped Galvanized Square Washer Bearing Plates
        Price: $0.45
        Availability: Stock
        Item #: BP12-2HDG -

          BP12-2HDG Hot Dipped Galvanized Square Bearing Plates give greater bearing surface than standard cut washers, and help distribute the load at these critical connections. These bearing plates are hot dipped galvanized to protect the washer from corrosion when exposed to the elements as well as coming in contact with ACQ lumber. Hole Size: 9/16" Dimension: 2" x 2" Thickness: 3/16" Coating: Hot Dipped Galvanized Mild Steel Imported Picture may not match product exactly ...

          1/2" Plain Malleable Cast Iron Washers
          Price: $0.67
          Availability: Stock
          Item #: MW12 -

            1/2" Plain Malleable Cast Iron Round Washers are used in various types of wood construction. Malleable Iron Washers have a large bearing surface designed to prevent 1/2" bolt heads and nuts from pulling into the wood. These washer are not coated with any corrosion resistance material and will quickly rust if exposed to the elements. Bolt Hole Size: 9/16" Approximate Outside Diameter: 2-1/2" Approximate Washer Thickness: 1/4" Coating: None ...

            All Thread Plated Extension Rods
            Price: $1.08
            Availability: Stock
            Item #: ALLP1212 -

              These 1/2" x 12" zinc plated all thread rods when used with a 1/2" coupling nut can be used for extending machine bolts or any other 1/2" plain or zinc plated treaded rod. A307 Grade 2 Zinc Plated Special lengths available upon request

              Zinc Plated Coupling Nut with Witness Hole
              Price: $0.56
              Availability: Stock
              Item #: CPNW58 -

                5/8" x 1-7/8" (H) Witness Hole Coupling Nuts are used to connected two 5/8" threaded rods together or extend a 5/8" SSTB or standard anchor bolt. The witness hole allows the inspector to confirm the rods are connected properly. Zinc Plated Hex Head Imported

                Fastap DAC200W 2" x #8 Phillips Self Drilling Self Countersinking Exterior Screws 1000/Box
                Price: $71.01
                Availability: Stock
                Fastap Screws Item #: DAC200W -

                  Fastap Exterior Screws...The Best Coated Exterior Screw You Can Buy! Period! Fastap Plus™ DAC200W 2" x #8 Phillips Drive exterior grade carpentry screws with DuracoatXT™ and Power Point v3™ give you building and remodeling capabilities that nails and conventional screws can't offer. Fastap Screws were developed specifically for any outdoor project where rust and corrosion needs to be prevented. More cost effective than stainless steel (and with greater shear load capacity),...

                  4" Timberlok Heavy Duty Wood Screw
                  Price: $0.47
                  Availability: Stock
                  FastenMaster Item #: FMTLOK04 -

                    No Predrilling. Stronger than 3/8" Lags! The FMTLOK04 4" FastenMaster® TimberLok® Heavy Duty Wood Screw can replace 3/8" lag screws and enables you to complete wood-to-wood projects faster, easier and stronger. All design values based on 1-1/2" side member thickness and penetration into main member as follows; TimberLok 2", Nails 10x diameter, Lags 8x diameter. Design values may be subject to adjustment factors (section 10.3 in NDS) based on conditions existing during installation as...

                    Grip-Rite GRR11 A11-3/8" Hammer Tacker
                    Price: $28.76
                    Availability: Stock
                    Grip-Rite Item #: GRR11 -

                      The Grip-Rite GRR11 A11-3/8" Heavy Duty Hammer Tacker is an easy-to-use hammer tacker suitable for stapling fitted carpets, insulation materials, labels, etc. The GRR11 is all steel construction and a quick jam clearing feature that makes it very reliable and durable. For A11 Flat Wire Staples Only four parts - simple and durable Ergonomically designed rubber grip Four-way grip Common Applications Insulation, carpeting, roofing, felt paper, poly sheeting, vapor barrier and more. Features All...

                      GRK Trim Head Finish Screws
                      Price: $0.10
                      Availability: Stock
                      GRK Fasteners Item #: GRK8112T -

                        GRK's 1-1/2" x #8 Trim Head Finish screws are an excellent choice for most fine carpentry applications, as well as window extension jambs and more.  The small head shape easily countersinks leaving a small hole to fill.  The small head and W-Cut™ thread design limits splitting problems in your finished product. Recessed Star Drive: Zero Stripping, with 6 points of contactTrim head: for a clean finished lookW-Cut™: Low torque, smoother driveZip-Tip™: No pre-drilling,...

                        GRK R49114PP 1-1/4" x #9 Multi-Purpose Framing Screw - Pro Pack
                        Price: $48.06
                        Availability: Stock
                        GRK Fasteners Item #: GRK9114R4-PRO -

                          The GRK R4 1-1/4" x #9 Multi-Purpose Framing Screw is the ideal screw for various wood to wood fastening projects where secure holding power and structural strength are important. The Fast Bite Tip eliminates pre-drilling and provides a fast start for one step installation. Combined with the W-Cut™ low installation torque allows these screws are installed quickly and accurately. The GRK Climatek™ coating provides superior corrosion resistance, allowing the screw to be used in both...

                          Hy-Tek Screw Shank Gun Nails
                          Price: $58.75
                          Availability: Stock
                          Hy-Tek Fasteners Item #: 120M22 -

                            Hy-Tek 120M22 2-1/4" x .120" Screw Shank Nails are Equivalent to Common Nail LoadsHy-Tek nails are used for wood-framed connections, wood- structural-panel shear walls and diaphragms; and for engineered connections of wood structural panels to wood framing. The top third of the nail length has a smooth shank. The bottom two-thirds has a helical screw shank. The nails are manufactured from SAE J403 low-carbon steel wire, grade 1015-1030. For more information regarding the 120M22 Hy-Tek 2-1/4" x...

                            Metabo-HPT 8d Collated Duplex Nails (Box of 2000)
                            Price: $50.63
                            Availability: Stock
                            Metabo-HPT Power Tools Item #: 50234-8D -

                              These genuine Metabo-HPT 2-3/4" x .131 (8D) Duplex nails are manufactured at higher standards for material and workmanship to help eliminate downtime caused by using fasteners not designed for the NR3675DD Duplex nailer. This means you can complete your concrete forming or scaffolding project done more efficiently and economically. Nail Type: 21° Full Round Duplex Head Plastic Strip Smooth Shank Duplex Nails Nail Size: 2-3/4". x.131" Shank with 2-1/4" drive length Application: Duplex nails...

                              Metal Connector Pneumatic Strip Nails
                              Price: $39.79
                              Availability: Stock
                              Misc Brands Item #: FHNPJH112N8 -

                                This 1-1/2" x .131 Heat Treated Metal Connector Nail is designed to be used in 31 Degree Metal Connector Tools for installing Simpson Strong-Tie structural connectors like clips, straps, joist hangers and more. Since the installation of this product is usually done close to the face these nails have a paper tape as opposed to plastic that breaks off and poses a hazard to the eyes and face. Additionally they are heat treated to prevent bending during installation. Please Note: Consult your...

                                Quick Build Pro 1-1/4" x #6 Phillips Black Drywall Screws - 5 lbs.
                                Price: $13.18
                                Availability: Stock
                                Quick Build Item #: DRY1145 -

                                  The Quick Build Pro 114DWSCC5LB #6 x 1-1/4" Black Coarse Drywall Screws are ideal for wood-to-wood or drywall to wood connections when no corrosion resistance is required. Packaged in 5 lb. box (Approximately 1,400 Screws) when your quantity needs are limited.

                                  Red Brown Deck Screws
                                  Price: $0.07
                                  Availability: Stock
                                  Quick Build Item #: DEC250RB -

                                    The Quick Build 2-1/2" X #9 Red Brown Premium Deck Screws are the ideal screw for many decking projects. The 6-point (T25) Star Drive provides additional torque during installation as well as less chance of stripping. ACQ compatible in conformance with AWPA SKT® coating provides anti-corrosion and less friction 1000 hours salt spray test approved Type 17 screw eliminates the need for pre-drilling in most materials Red Brown color blends with many types of wood California Proposition 65...

                                    Senco A100509 1/2 inch Micro Headless Pin
                                    Price: $10.60
                                    Availability: Stock
                                    Senco Item #: A100509 -

                                      The Senco A100509 1/2" 23 gauge micro pins are used to fasten the smallest of decorative trim securely and leave a nearly invisible hole saving you wasted time with splitting or puttying. There are 2,600 nails in the package.

                                      Senco AY10EAA Brad Nails
                                      Price: $28.10
                                      Availability: Stock
                                      Senco Item #: AY10EAA -

                                        Genuine Senco AY10EAA 5/8" Slight Head 18 gauge brads manufactured to the demanding specifications that have made Senco one of the top quality pneumatic fastening companies for over 50 years. Do Not Use This Fastener for ACQ Pressure Treated LumberUse stainless steel when maximum corrosion resistance is required. Popular 18-Gauge Brad Tools Senco: FinishPro™25XP, FinishPro® 15, FinishPro® 18, SLP20, LS4, LS5 Hitachi: NT50AE, NT45A, NT32AE, NT50AD BOSTITCH: BT200K, BT35, BT50, T29-30,...

                                        Senco P08BABT Wide Crown Staples
                                        Price: $70.12
                                        Availability: Stock
                                        Senco Item #: P08BABT -

                                          Senco P08BABT, 1/2" Long, 1" Crown, Electro Galvanized P-Series Staples are primarily used for the application of building papers, lathing or any other project that requires a wide crown staple. Senco P-Series Staples Fit the Following Tools: Senco: PW200, PW150, PW150R, PW, PW-2", PW-R, SPS, MW, WC150RXP, WC200XP Hitachi N3424A, N5024A Duo-Fast RS-1748, KW-1748 OTHERS: Fasco: F3 SNW-38CT R, F30 SNW-50 R    Halstead HSW14 Do Not Use This Fastener for ACQ Pressure Treated...

                                          Ring Shank Not Painted Stainless Steel Wire Coil Siding and Fencing Nails
                                          Price: $128.84
                                          Availability: Stock
                                          Simpson Strong-Tie Item #: COIL7 -

                                            Bright Checkered Nail Head The 2-1/4" x .092" Non-Painted Ring Shank Type 304 Stainless Steel Coil Nail is the best solution to protect your considerable investment in fine wood siding from hard-to-remove stains and streaks with stainless steel wire coil nails. Chose from four colors or unpainted to match your siding. 3,600 nails per box Head Color - Bright Type 304 stainless steel 15° collated angle Checker pattern on heads blends with wood grain, reduces glare from sunlight and accepts...

                                            Deck Drive DSVT212 Tan Wood Screws
                                            Price: $32.94
                                            Availability: Ships Direct
                                            Simpson Strong-Tie Item #: DSVT212R5LB -

                                              The DSVT212 #10 x 2-1/2" Deck Drive™ Tan Wood Screw is a powerful fastening solution for preservative-treated decking applications. With its under-head nibs and fast-start tip, the DSV is ideally suited to be driven and countersunk into today’s wood deck boards. The shank is designed to withstand the swelling and shrinkage that is common with fast-growth lumber. Also DSV screws are available in collated strips for use in the Quik Drive® auto-feed screw driving system. Low-torque...

                                              Simpson PT-27 General Purpose Powder Actuated Tool
                                              Price: $319.35
                                              Availability: Stock
                                              Simpson Strong-Tie Item #: PT-27 -

                                                The Simpson Strong-Tie PT-27 Powder Actuated Tool is a semi-automatic and fast-cycling fastening tool that is engineered for continuous use, high reliability and low maintenance. This versatile tool fires a variety of fastener types and lengths. Key Fastening Applications• includes acoustical ceilings•, electrical applications•, sill plates•, drywall track•, waterproofing material, lathing and more. Reliable design of the world's most popular tool Semi-automatic and fast cycling Engineered for...

                                                PROSDDM35K Quik Drive Auto Feed Deck and Dock Screw Tool with 3500RPM Makita
                                                Price: $444.48
                                                Availability: Stock
                                                Simpson Strong-Tie Item #: PROSDDM35K -

                                                The Quik Drive® PROSDDM35K Auto-Feed Screw Driving tool is the ideal tool for installing Quik Drive® Screws from 1" to 3" length in plywood sub-floor sheathing, 2x Exterior Decking and much more. The Sure-Grip guide tube increases stability for a broad range of screws Kit Includes (1 Each): Makita 3500 RPM Screwdriver, PRO300S Decking Attachment, PRO200 Drywall Attachment, Extension for stand-up driving, Quiver for keeping screws at your fingertips and Tool case. Drives 1" to 3"...

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