Simpson Strong-Tie EDTA22P Pneumatic Epoxy Adhesive Tool
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    The Simpson Strong-Tie EDTA22P Pneumatic tool features an optional suitcase handle adapter for the ultimate in tool configuration and dispensing convenience. The suitcase option enables easier and time-saving ground-level doweling. The heavy duty EDTA22P tool comes with a custom, blow-molded plastic carrying case. This tool uses SET22-N and SETXP22-N adhesives. Additional Simpson Strong-Tie Information If there are any items on the Simpson Strong-Tie Website that you do not see on the DHC...

    Simpson Anchor-Tie EDT22s Manual Epoxy Tool
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      The Simpson Strong-Tie EDT22S Manual Dispensing Tool is all metal, making it durable to handle 22 oz epoxy application every day without fail. This heavy duty tool is engineered for high-volume, continuous use. The EDT22S can be easily converted from dispensing a 22 oz. 1:1 ratio cartridge to a 16.5 oz. 2:1 ratio cartridges when required. Please Note: The EDT22S Tool can also be modified to dispense Simpson AT-XP13 12.5oz. ACRYLIC-TIE Adhesive. Heavy duty construction prevents bent push rods...

      Simpson Strong-Tie EDTA22CKT Cordless Battery Epoxy Adhesive Applicator Tool
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        The Simpson Strong-Tie EDTA22CKT with charger and 2 batteries offers power dispensing of 22 oz., 1:1 ratio, dual-cartridge adhesives without the need for a hose or compressor. The tool features dosage and rate control for maximum efficiency on the job. This heavy-duty dispensing tool is designed to work with Simpson Strong-Tie® SET22-N and SETXP22-N adhesives cartridges for trouble-free dispensing. The tool may be easily converted to dispense 16.5 oz., 2:1 ratio, dual-cartridge adhesives...

        Simpson Strong-Tie Epoxy System Tools and Accessories
        Depending on your usage and application Simpson offers various tools to install their epoxy anchors. For the anchoring job to provide maximum holding power the concrete drilled hole must be clean. The Simpson hole brushes aid in getting that done. If you run out of the nozzles supplied with each Simpson epoxy you can purchase extra ones also.