Hitachi CM75EBP 14" Cutoff Saw
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Metabo-HPT Power Tools Item #: CM75EBP -

    The Hitachi CM75EBP 14" Gas Powered 2-Stroke Cutoff Saw is both a powerful and tough saw when you need a portable handheld saw to cut concrete, masonry and other materials. The New 75cc Pure Fire engine meets emission levels without sacrificing power, adding weight or extra parts. metal protectors are placed in strategic spots on the unit to protect it from damage and breakage. The 23.3 lb. weight makes the portable design easy to maneuver and use without excessive fatigue. Features 75cc...

    Makita EK7651H 14" Hand Held Cutoff Saw
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    Makita Item #: EK7651H -

    Finally an answer to the problem of having to mix oil with fuel when using a hand-held gas saw. The Makita 14" MM4™ 4-Stroke Power Cutter eliminates the need to keep two different gas cans on the job as well as worrying about a worker not mixing the fuel properly. INCLUDES: (1) Wrench (782236-0) (1) Torx Wrench (782025-3) (1) Screwdriver (783012-5) (1) Adapter Ring (20mm to 1") (394-228-121) (1) Tool Kit (1) Oil Bottle (1) Water Supply Kit No Oil Mixing Simplifies Operation and Prevents Piston...

    Diamond Products FC7314 14in Fast Cut SLR Cut-Off Saw
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    Diamond Products Item #: FC7314 -

      Scavenged Loss Reduction Technology (SLR) Allows Reduced Fuel Consumption and Cleaner Running Engine! Standard Features Light weight and balanced for less operator fatigue Best power-to-weight ratio in the industry Smooth start decompression valve reduces start up force by 70% 12" or 14" blade capacity models 5-stage filtration system Fully adjustable blade guard Water kit included with standard garden hose quick disconnect Powerful 73cc engine Includes: 4 bottles of Ultra-Extend synthetic...

      Diamond Products C14 14" Electric Cutoff Saw
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      Diamond Products Item #: C14 -

        Lightweight and Powerful Standard Features Wet or dry cutting Overload protection with load warning LED light - visible to operator Electrical cord with PRCD protection Detachable guide rollers Splash guard to protect from water spray Handles designed for optimal control Tool-free blade guard angle adjustment Lightweight magnesium blade guard Externally accessible motor brushes Standard water feed system with find adjustable flow and quick release coupling and durable hose Specifications Power...

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