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Below are the most recent comments and testimonials customers have made about our employee-owned company and the service and products we provide.

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Worth calling to discuss shipping alternatives

Yes, I had a very positive buying experience here. The check-out automatic shipping came up at $60. So I called and they put everything in a USPS priority flat rate mailer for $13.00. It came by air and a tracking number, a perfect solution. Many thanks. 11/7/18

Zippy, Fast, Service

I use a Chapin pump sprayer to apply kaolin clay to my apple trees to prevent apple maggot infestations. Yikes! I lost my sprayer's brass trip. I ordered a new tip from DHC Supplies (internet) and it came from Nevada to rural northern Michigan in only thee days. Thank you for the prompt service. Caroll 07/07/17

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Reviews 466-467 of 467