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DHC Supplies Online Freight Savings Options

According to research 72% of people who abandon carts while shopping online do so because of the shipping charges. Since many of our items have a much higher price-to-weight ratio than normal online products we would like to offer the possible solutions before you make a decision not to purchase.

Our Shipping Charge Savings Pledge

We pledge to you, our valued customer, that if you place an order online with DHC Supplies, Inc. and we can determine a less expensive shipping method with the same delivery time we will use that method. The savings will be adjusted to your credit card charge or we will issue a refund for the applicable amount if you used PayPal to pay.

Below are some ways we can reduce you shipping charges:
  1. When you enter your items in the shopping cart you will see the following savings to your shipping if the total amount qualifies: Note: You Must Enter Zip Code First.
    • Order $124.99 to $199.99...Save Up To $5.00
    • Order $200.00 to $349.99...Save Up To $10.00
    • Order $350.00 to $499.99...Save Up To $15.00
    • Order $500.00+...Save Up To $25.00
    • Please Note: The above discounts will not be applicable in cases where we can reduce the overall shipping charge below the rate available on the website.

  2. We can also quote you reduced shipping charges if at least one of the following situations are applicable:
    • The manufacturer/distributor of the product(s) you are looking to purchase has a location closer to you and is willing to drop ship direct to you. We will gladly get a freight quote to reduce the Shipping charges.
    • If your order weighs more than 200 lbs. UPS discounts the shipping charges approximately 30% by using the 100 lb. weight table. Unfortunately the DHC Supplies shopping cart cannot figure this at check out.
    • If the products you are ordering are small enough but are somewhat heavy we can put them in a flat rate USPS box and reduce the shipping charge substantially.

Remember! Don’t Abandon That Shopping Cart Until You Call Us!