Newborn Brothers Model 255 Quart glue Gun
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    Newborn Brothers Model 255 quart caulking guns is a heavy duty tool for applying subfloor adhesives and other products packaged in 29oz cartridges. The 18:1 high trust ratio means you can push out the sealant or glue with a minimal amount of effort. The Super Smooth Rod with the high trust ratio allows you to dispense the product in a more even manner making it easier to place the sealant or glue properly. 18:1 High Thrust Ratio Zinc Alloy Handle & Trigger Precision Sintered Friction Plate...

    Cox 41002 Single Component Manual Glue Gun
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      The 41002 Chilton Single Component Manual caulking gun features a 12:1 trust ratio and a switchable flow-stop control to give you more control in dispensing the sealant or glue. Standard 29 oz. Cartridge Mechanical Advantage 12:1 Switchable Flow Control Wear Compensating Device Built-In Ladder Hook Catch Plate - Sintered Steel Barrel Turns - Application Around Corners Low-Medium Viscosity Materials Thumb Activated Instant Pressure Release High Volume Usage All Component Replaceable Parts ...

      Large Subfloor Glue and Sealant Applicator Tools
      These 29 oz large caulking guns can be used for subfloor glues or any sealant that is packaged in quart cartridges. The higher the thrust ratio the more power is delivered to move the material out of the cartridge.