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GST International is a leader in developing and manufacturing innovative and advanced chemical solutions to sealing, enhancing and protecting concrete and masonry surfaces. GST International actively supports the construction, maintenance and restoration industries through training and education. With their unparalleled technical knowledge and support you can be assured you are providing the best solution to your concrete and masonry protection needs.
GST International Final Coat Acrylic Floor Polish
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    GST International's Final Coat Floor Polish is the premier high solids acrylic polymer floor polish for gloss and durability. It represents the first major improvement in masonry floor care technology within the last 5 years. Its' 29% high solids formulation provides maximum scuff and heel mark resistant gloss for lower maintenance costs. Final Coat requires fewer coats than are needed with conventional lower solids products and stays glossy even after numerous scrubs. Also, it has the...

    GST Elephant Armor Ultra High Performance Mortar
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    Item #: E-ARMOR10 -

      The World’s Most Amazing Cementitious Repair and Overlay Product! GST Elephant Armor® Ultra High Performance Mortar/Overlay is a single component, cementitious, fiber reinforced, medium to fast setting concrete repair and overlay mortar that can be placed with a trowel or textured roller. This ultra-high performance mortar can be used for repair work, maintenance, or new construction. It offers high early strength and superior bond strength. It is shrinkage compensated, so only very...