Simpson Strong-Tie EDTA22P Pneumatic Epoxy Adhesive Tool
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    The Simpson Strong-Tie EDTA22P Pneumatic tool features an optional suitcase handle adapter for the ultimate in tool configuration and dispensing convenience. The suitcase option enables easier and time-saving ground-level doweling. The heavy duty EDTA22P tool comes with a custom, blow-molded plastic carrying case. This tool uses SET22-N and SETXP22-N adhesives. Additional Simpson Strong-Tie Information If there are any items on the Simpson Strong-Tie Website that you do not see on the DHC...

    Simpson Anchor-Tie EDT22s Manual Epoxy Tool
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      The Simpson Strong-Tie EDT22S Manual Dispensing Tool is all metal, making it durable to handle 22 oz epoxy application every day without fail. This heavy duty tool is engineered for high-volume, continuous use. The EDT22S can be easily converted from dispensing a 22 oz. 1:1 ratio cartridge to a 16.5 oz. 2:1 ratio cartridges when required. Please Note: The EDT22S Tool can also be modified to dispense Simpson AT-XP13 12.5oz. ACRYLIC-TIE Adhesive. Heavy duty construction prevents bent push rods...

      Simpson Strong-Tie EDTA22CKT Cordless Battery Epoxy Adhesive Applicator Tool
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        The Simpson Strong-Tie EDTA22CKT with charger and 2 batteries offers power dispensing of 22 oz., 1:1 ratio, dual-cartridge adhesives without the need for a hose or compressor. The tool features dosage and rate control for maximum efficiency on the job. This heavy-duty dispensing tool is designed to work with Simpson Strong-Tie® SET22-N and SETXP22-N adhesives cartridges for trouble-free dispensing. The tool may be easily converted to dispense 16.5 oz., 2:1 ratio, dual-cartridge adhesives...

        Simpson Strong-Tie Two-Part Epoxy System Applicator Tools
        These tools are used for various brands of two-part epoxy systems that require a mixing nozzle. The A and B part of the epoxy is mixed in the nozzle to a predetermined ratio so the epoxy is able to reach the maximum holding value.