Driltec SDS-MAX Bit - Bionic Cutter
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    The Driltec SM-045-045 1/2" x 10-3/4" x 17-1/2" Carbide SDS-Max Bit with a Bionic® Cutter features a unique concave carbide tip design that accelerates drilling speed, reduces wear and supports dust removal. The carbide is totally embedded in both sides of the steel body. Independently verified performance tests prove, that the Driltec BIONIC® drill bits not only are exceptionally fast but to also substantially outperform other leading manufacturers when it comes to drill bit life and performance. The BIONIC® drill bit concept with its unique concaved carbide tip and the all new TWINMAX™ spiral flute will be extended throughout all rotary hammer drill bits where applicable.

    • Unique concave carbide tip design, accelerates drilling speed, reduces wear and supports dust removal
    • Sharper cutting edges, with two center points for faster and more accurate drilling.
    • More carbide on principle cutting edges for superior durability
    • A single wide spiral flute reinforces the core of the drill bit, maximizing the power transferred to the carbide tip
    • The smaller spiral flute allows for retention of the two wide channels for faster dust removal and reduced spiral flute wear
    • The all new special bead blast technology ensures a stronger and highly flexible surface with increased performance and reduced risk of breakage
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