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Driltec RL-063-190 5/8" X 7-1/2" x 9" Ratio Rebar Cutter Bit

Part Number: RL-063-190
UPC: 605611155301
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Price: $89.09
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    The Driltec RL-063-190 5/8" X 7-1/2" (useable length) x 9" Ratio RebarCUTTER™ Bits are specifically designed to cut through embedded rebar. This bit not only drills the rebar but chips it away. Our durable and aggressive carbide tip increases the speed of cutting saving you time and money. The RebarCUTTER™ Bits are designed for heavy duty drilling and can drill holes from 1/2″ to 1-1/4″ diameter. If you have smaller holes to drill or less demanding projects you might consider the Driltec ADX bits. With the Driltec uniquely durable and aggressive carbide tips you save time and money in labor and replacement costs. These bits are designed to drill through the rebar and should not be used in drilling through the concrete. Important: The use of RebarCUTTER™ Bits in Spline Shank or SDS-Max rotary hammers voids all warranties.

    Please Note: The required SDS-Plus Adapter is not included. It must be purchased separately.

    View Driltec RebarCutter™ Instructions

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