Newborn Bros 620AL All-in-one bulk and sausage caulking gun
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    The Newborn Model 620-AL is the all-in-one sealant dispensing tool you need to apply 1/10th cartridge sealant, 29 oz sealants or glues, 20 oz sausage pack sealants and bulk sealants. The 18:1 high trust ratio makes it easy to lay an accurate smooth bead no matter what the application. It features a smooth rod system to help dispense an even flow. Fully equipped to be used for 20oz sausage packs, bulk and cartridges with no other parts or kits needed. 18:1 Thrust Ratio Patented ETG (Effective...

    Multi-Use Sealant and Subfloor Glue Applicator Tools
    These All-In-One caulking and sealant guns provide the user with the versatility to apply most types of sealants no matter what type of packaging. You can use both 10.1 oz and 29 oz cartridges with no other parts needed. Using the cone accessories you can also use this tool for both 20 oz. sausage packs as well as 2-part A abd B bulk kits.