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Jahn-A Bracket
Price: $3.95

Dayton Superior A81 Jahn-A Bracket is fabricated from high strength steel with a cad plated eccentric and painted body. The 5/8" take-up of the eccentric compensates for minor lumber variations in thickness. The Dayton Superior A81 Jahn-A Bracket can be utilized to hold a single horizontal wale or a single vertical stud with any type of wall form; round, curved, battered, beam and/or columns.

The Dayton Superior A81 Jahn-A Bracket can be installed before or after the wales have been positioned. The slots in the bracket allow it to slip over the snap tie end without laborious threading through holes. When properly installed, the A81 bracket will not loosen from internal vibration of the concrete. Pressure from the bracket is against the 2 x 4 instead of the plywood. The A81 bracket uses 4-3/4" L&W snap ties, is easy to install and strip, requires no nailing and is very fast.

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Facilities Supervisor - by Jonathan Foley
Great service. Reduced pricing for my order without me asking for it. They work to make sure their customers get the best price possible. 06/29/16
Great customer service - by Satisfied customer
Helped confirm product dimensions, even though order quantity was small. Competitive pricing. 06/28/16
Owner/Builder - by Woody
Fast, polite and helpful. I placed an order over the phone and my sales person was very polite and had my order expedited so quickly that i had it on my doorstep in 2 days. 06/28/16
great prices and excellent service - by Tony in Maine
Needed a lot of simpson wedge ties for a foundation. Price was great and Dan was really helpful getting them shipped arrived in Maine in a couple days. Really pleased. 6/21/16
Great Company - by Doc
This was my first order form this company. After researching the items I needed, I found DHC to have the best prices. Shipping was very reasonable and fast. I will be ordering from DHC again. 06/19/16