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Lenox 156R Nail Embedded Wood Cutting Tuff Tooth Bi-Metal Reciprocating Saw Blades
Price: $4.22...Each

The Lenox 156R 12" x 3/4" x .050" x 6TPI General Purpose Reciprocating Saw Blade is used for fast cutting, roughing-in work and nail-embedded wood. The 12" length of the 156R allows you to cut material up to 9" in diameter.

Lenox Tuff Tooth Bi-Metal Reciprocating Saw Blades keep cutting where others fail. They are shatter resistant. The teeth retain their sharpness and they cut fast. All Lenox reciprocating blades are of bi-metal construction. This does not mean that they cut two types of metal. It means that they cut stronger, faster and longer than any other blade.

  • Shatter Resistant: Bi-metal blades bend and resist breaking and extend blade life
  • Designed To Attack: Unique blade geometry positions the blade for optimum cutting performance.
  • Long Lasting: Tuff-Tooth design is reinforced to cut stronger and last longer.
High speed blasting along the cutting edge strengthens the blade to reduce breaks and increase durability.

Patented T2™ Technology reduces cutting force on each tooth and optimizes chip removal to allow efficient cutting in the widest range of materials.

Patented design for ultimate durability and speed when cutting clean wood or nail-embedded wood.

Lenox T2™ Technology
The LENOX T2 Technology minimizes heat build-up by improving cutting efficiency which in-turn eliminates premature tooth dulling and blade failure. T2’s design prolongs blade life up to 100% and produces a much faster cut – ultimately leading to higher productivity by spending more time cutting and less time changing blades.

    All Lenox Reciprocating Blades and Uses
  • 110R...Nail-embedded wood, Composition materials and plastics. Pipe, Carbon steel, Stainless steel (1/8" - 1/2" thick). Demolition work, Fire and rescue.
  • 156R...Fast cutting. Roughing-in work and nail-embedded wood.
  • 618R...Cuts medium to thin metal.
  • 656R...Fast cutting. Roughing-in work and nail-embedded wood.
  • 810R...Nail-embedded wood, Composition materials and plastics, Pipe, Carbon steel, Stainless steel (1/8" - 1/4" thick). Non-ferrous metal (1/8" - 1/2" thick).
  • 818R...Cuts medium to thin metal.
  • 956R...Fast cutting. Roughing-in work and nail-embedded wood.
  • 960R...Demolition work in wood and metal. Fire and rescue.
  • 966R...Demolition work in wood and metal.
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Great Service - by Tom
Ordered Simpson Strong Tie products - best price in town. Shipping charge was estimated at order time online over the weekend. Monday sent confirmation email of reduced actual shipping charge!

Thanks for great price, integrity and prompt delivery. 04/18/17
Great Products and great service!! - by Buck
Colton responded to my email early the morning after I sent it. He was very knowledgeable and put my order together over the phone. I received a confirming email within minutes of placing the order. The order shipped that afternoon. And I received an email with the tracking number. Some of the items arrived as scheduled. I called DHC after 5 PM and Bill fielded my questions. He found my order and confirmed it was split order and the second group was to arrive the next day. He had a tracking number for the second group. The items arrived early the next day. I could not be more pleased with the service. I will use DHC again. 04/16/17
Buckhorn Camp Director - by Marshall Turner Director of Buckhorn Camp
i want to thank you for your speedy response to my purchase. I called a couple days after one of the packages was suppose to be here. You helped with locating it at the post office, I had been there twice and they said it wasn't there. But your tracking system said otherwise, so I pointed it out to the clerk and she did a more thorough check and found it right away. It had been there all the time. Thank you!

Marshall Turner 04/14/17
What I ordered and 2 days early! - by Ken
Easy to order, order was what I ordered and it arrived 2 days earlier than expected! 04/09/17
Great service - by Jim
Good prices, large inventory!! Shipping costs are a little high. 04/06/17