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Rolair Compressors

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Rolair FS10052 Canister Air Filter with element
Price: $22.40
Availability: Stock
Item #: FS10052 -

    The Rolair® FS10052 Filter Assembly with Element can be uses as a replacement filter system on many wheelbarrow style pumps including the popular 5715K17 Rolair® compressors. This assembly also can be used as an after-market replacement for Emglo #G154 and Dewalt 5135562-00 filter assemblies.

    Rolair 433 filter element
    Price: $7.99
    Availability: Stock
    Item #: 433 -

      The Rolair® 433 Filter Element is the replacement element for Rolair® FS10052 filter assembly. Replacing your element when it is dirty will increase the efficiency of the pump. This element also can be used as an after-market replacement for Emglo #G54E and Dewalt 5130147-00 filter elements.

      Norgren R73G Regulator
      Price: $34.95
      Availability: Stock
      Item #: R73G -

        The Norgren R73G regulators are can be operated up to 300 psi. These are the regulators you find on most Rolair wheelbarrow style air compressors that are so popular in the pneumatic nailing industry. Excelon design allows in-line or modular installation Full flow gauge ports Balanced valve design minimizes effect of variation in the inlet pressure on the outlet pressure Standard relieving models allow reduction of downstream pressure when the system is dead-ended Inlet and outlet are 3/8"...

        Pumptrol Pressure Switch for Rolair Compressors
        Price: $36.95
        Availability: Stock
        Item #: PS2020M -

          This Rolair pressure switch comes standard on most newer style Rolair portable electric air compressors that feature stop/start capabilities. The switch is set to turn off the compressor when the air tanks fill up to 135 PSI and turn back on at 105 PSI. It has a 1/4" MPT fitting that screws into to compressor.

          Rolair 131 Pilot Unloader Valve
          Price: $28.95
          Availability: Stock
          Item #: 131 -

            The Rolair 131 Pilot valve operates in a set pressure range of 110 PSI to 135 PSI. As a compressor operates in this range, it is said to be cycling. At the unload setting, the pilot valve opens and actuates another device (throttle control, discharge valve). At the load setting, the pilot valve closes and returns the compressor to normal operation. This pilot valve can be used as an after-market part for both Emglo PVM and Dewalt 5130236-00 valves.

            Rolair K17REPKIT K17 Rebuild Kit
            Price: $124.95
            Availability: Stock
            Item #: K17REPKIT -

              The Rolair K17REPKIT Complete Repair and Rebuild Kit has all the parts to rebuild any belt drive Rolair compressor with a K17 model air compressor pump. Includes: (1) 36500140CH Sight Gauge (1) 36507050CH Breather (1) 431 Filter Element (1) OILCOMP30W34 34 oz. Compressor Oil (4) 32700350CH K17 Reed (1) K17GASKETS K17 Gasket Set (1) K17RINGS K17 Ring Set Repair Tips and Torque Specifications Sheet Please Note: K18, K24, K28 and K30 pump repair kits can be special ordered and possibly shipped...

              Rol-Air Synthetic Air Compressor Oil
              Price: $19.95
              Availability: Stock
              Item #: OILSYN34 -

                Designed Specifically For Extreme Weather Conditions! Rol-Air synthetic air compressor lubricant has been especially engineered and tested to match the requirements of Rol-Air air compressors. Reduces carbon build-up on compressor valves Provides easier start up in low temperatures Improves compressor life with improved wear protection