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Hitachi NR83A3 Framing Nailer, Full Head, with Depth Adjustment
Availability: Stock
Hitachi Tools Item #: NR83A3 -

The Hitachi NR83A3 Plastic Strip Collated Framing Nailer is the latest model of the very popular NR83A series. This newest model comes equipped with a new and more secure selective actuation switch allowing you to quickly between single sequential and contact actuation. Additionally, the open nose design makes cleaning out nail jams a snap. Tool-less depth adjustment allows you to easily adjust to different nails or materials Selective actuation allows transition from sequential nailing to...

Hitachi NR90AES Framing Nailer
Availability: Stock
Hitachi Tools Item #: NR90AES -

The Hitachi NR90AES 3-1/2" Framing Nailer will drive nails up to .148" in diameter. The aluminum magazine provides more durability so you have less down time for repairs and maintenance. Even though this tool weighs only 7.5 lbs. it is still powerful enough to drive nails into LVL lumber. The NR90AES has two changes when compared to the NR90AE. Now it has a non-slip elastomer grip trigger. Also ergonomics of the simple flip actuation switch makes it easier to switch between contact and bump...

Senco JoistPro 250 Metal Connector Nailer
Availability: Stock
Senco Item #: JOISTPRO250 -

The Senco JoistPro 250 Metal Connector Nailer is the ideal tool for quickly fastening Simpson Strong-Tie joist hangers, straps, clips and any other connectors that require N8, N10, or N16 nails. The unique nosepiece makes it easy to line up the tool for accurate and safe placement of the nail every time. Even though the JoistPro 250 is lightweight, only 5.9 lbs. it packs enough power to drive nails into the toughest material, including engineered lumber. Nosepiece probe locates metal connector...

NR65AK2 Hitachi Metal Connector Nail Gun
Availability: Stock
Hitachi Tools Item #: NR65AK2 -

The Hitachi NR65AK2 is the answer to increasing your productivity when fastening straps, clips, joist hangers and more. This tool uses the nail to find the hole in the metal connector eliminating most chances of missing the hole. Weighing only 6.4 lbs means you can use the NR65AK2 hours at a time without becoming fatigued. Lightweight at 6.4 lbs for easy maneuverability Narrow design for ease of use in tight spaces Adjustable air deflector directs the air exhaust in any direction...