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Makita EK7651H 14" Hand Held Cutoff Saw
Availability: Stock
Makita Item #: EK7651H -

Limited Time Offer! Includes (1) Free 14" Diamond Blade Finally an answer to the problem of having to mix oil with fuel when using a hand-held gas saw. The Makita 14" MM4™ 4-Stroke Power Cutter eliminates the need to keep two different gas cans on the job as well as worrying about a worker not mixing the fuel properly. INCLUDES: (1) Wrench (782236-0) (1) Torx Wrench (782025-3) (1) Screwdriver (783012-5) (1) Adapter Ring (20mm to 1") (394-228-121) (1) Tool Kit (1) Oil Bottle (1) Water...

Diamond Products FC7314 14in Fast Cut SLR Cut-Off Saw
Availability: Stock
Diamond Products Item #: FC7314 -

    Scavenged Loss Reduction Technology (SLR) Allows Reduced Fuel Consumption and Cleaner Running Engine! Standard Features Light weight and balanced for less operator fatigue Best power-to-weight ratio in the industry Smooth start decompression valve reduces start up force by 70% 12" or 14" blade capacity models 5-stage filtration system Fully adjustable blade guard Water kit included with standard garden hose quick disconnect Powerful 73cc engine Includes: 4 bottles of Ultra-Extend synthetic...

    Diamond Products C14 14" Electric Cutoff Saw
    Availability: Stock
    Diamond Products Item #: C14 -

      Lightweight and Powerful Standard Features Wet or dry cutting Overload protection with load warning LED light - visible to operator Electrical cord with PRCD protection Detachable guide rollers Splash guard to protect from water spray Handles designed for optimal control Tool-free blade guard angle adjustment Lightweight magnesium blade guard Externally accessible motor brushes Standard water feed system with find adjustable flow and quick release coupling and durable hose Specifications Power...