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L.B. White Torchman 500 Torch
L.B. White

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Price: $61.95
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L.B. White Item #: Torchman500 -

The L.B. White Torchman 500 All Purpose Propane Torch Kit is the ideal tool when you need to burn brush, thaw pipes, melt ice or any other similar heating application. The ergonomic Grip Handle make the Torchman 500 easy to handle and control. a 10' gas hose is included. (Propane tank and gas not included) 500,000 BTU/Hr Throttle valve adjusts output Includes 10' LP hose and striker Works with 20 lb and up propane cylinders NOT for use with 1 lb. disposable cylinders ...

L.B. White Workman 225 Plus Convection Heater
L.B. White

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Price: $131.95
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L.B. White Item #: Workman225 -

The Workman 225 Plus standard-duty portable convection heater features adjustable output control to save fuel, and a unique top design for superior heat distribution. The L.B. White's Workman 225 portable heater provides 360° heating and does not require electricity. Includes heater, 10' hose and regulator. LP (liquid propane) 225,000 (Max) or 45,000 (Min) BTU/Hr Lightweight for easy maneuverability Piezo ignition Direct-fired = 99.97% fuel efficiency Enclosed stainless steel burner...

L.B. White Tradesman 100 Forced Air Heater
L.B. White

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Price: $223.95
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L.B. White Item #: Tradesman100 -

The L.B. White Tradesman 100 Heater is engineered to deliver reliable, directional heat. This portable heater features a unique 3-trial ignition system, the industry's heaviest gauge combustion chamber and burner plate, and Self Diagnostic Service Saver models for convenient trouble-shooting. L.B. White has perfected every aspect of their portable construction heaters so they are designed to withstand harsh working environments. The Tradesman 100 is reliable, durable and serviceable in the...