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Dayton Superior A29 Snap Tie Wrench
Dayton Superior

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Price: $27.50
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Dayton Superior Item #: A29 -

    The A29 Dayton Superior Snap Tie Breakback Wrench is used to break the shank of the snap ties close to the concrete after the forms have been removed. The A29 Snap Tie Wrench is manufactured from high strength steel that should give you many uses. Total length: 16.25" A29 Instructions

    Formbuster3 60" Heavy Duty Pry Bar
    Dude Tools

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    Price: $146.95
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    Dude Tools Item #: FORMBUSTER3 -

      Break all Barriers! FORMBUSTER3 is a 60" Heavy Duty Pry Bar with a Fulcrum point cast into the blade for extra leverage. The Knuckle Saver at the end of the longest handle on the market protect your hands. The blade is made of High Strength Heat Treated Steel for heavy lifting, with a "V" notch in the blade for pulling pins/nails. Neck on the blade extends into the handle at the stress point of extra strength. Blade is 3�۝ wide X 12�۝ long. This 16lb tool can do a ton of work! ...