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Benner-Nawman MBC-16B High Leverage Bender/Cutter
Availability: Stock
Benner-Nawman, Inc Item #: MBC-16B -

The Benner-Nawman MBC-16B High Leverage Bender/Cutter has been designed to cut and bend rebar up to #5 (5/8") grade 60. This new high-leverage arrangement greatly reduces cutting and bending effort. Longer handle and cam mechanism provides greater leverage when cutting and bending grade 60 rebar.Adjustable 2-1/2" (63.5mm) diameter bending roller.Replaceable cutting jaws have two open slots with innovative shaped blades to prevent chipping of the jaws.Sturdy frame design is firmly mounted on a...

Benner-Nawman DC-20WH Rebar Cutter
Availability: Stock
Benner-Nawman, Inc Item #: DC-20WH -

The Benner Nawman DC-20WH 3/4" Portable Rebar Cutter is a portable medium-duty rebar cutter that will safely, efficiently, and cleanly cut rebar up to #6 (3/4”) diameter grade 60 rebar. This self-contained electric/hydraulic unit will also cut other items like chain, bolts and rod but is specifically designed for rebar. The Benner Nawman DC-20WH is intended for effortless heavy-duty applications on vertical and horizontal rebar cutting applications. This is a great tool for swimming pool,...

Hitachi Power Tools 8 amp VB16Y Rebar Bender and Cutter
Availability: Stock
Hitachi Tools Item #: VB16Y -

The Hitachi Power Tool's 8 Amp VB16Y Rebar Bender and Cutter allows you to field cut and bend 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8" grade 60 rebar up to 180°'s. Weighing only 39.7 lbs. makes it easy to set up and move around the jobsite reducing time to get the job competed. Includes: Deflection Guard (320914), Cutter Set (1 pair) (319706) and D62 Center Roller (319714) 8 Amp motor, iintense power (530W) that it uniformly bends up to No.5 (3/8", 1/2", 5/8") Grade 60 rebar at a maximum angle of 180 degrees...